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The essence of historical reenactment is like a mixture of scientific investigation, reliable reconstruction and a active spreading of life style, clothing, customs and other dimensions (material or spiritual) of a certain historical time. 


Clan Hávamál reenacts the life and customs of Scandinavian people from 10th until the beginning of 11th century. 


We participate and organize historical events and collaborate in educational activities too... 

Historical Reenactment

Data of interest:

Clan Hávamál is a historical reenactment group specialized in the life and customs of nordic peoplewho lived during 10th and 11th century. Those people were also known as "Vikingr" or Vikings.

Our main goal is to let people know and reenact High Middle Ages (also known as dark age) through the following activities... 

Who are we?

Scandinavian society was clearly organized in a hierarchy. 

Clan Hávamál follows the same hierarchical order and reenacts the most representative classes of Scandinavian society of 10th and 11th centuries.  

The roles that we play inside the clan are based on the  piramidal structure that Scandinavian society had. 

Structure & Members

Our aim is to be like a living and interactive museum to the public that attends to the events where we go. We believe that people can have fun while they learn about the historical facts and daily life of vikings. We achieve this goal by giving lectures about Scandinavian people of 10th and 11th century...



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