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Videos and assemblies that Hávamál's Clan shot or collaborated

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Presentation of our Clan

Language: Catalan

Presentation of our Clan

Language: Spanish

"Nana" of Warcry

Project of  "Fotodelis" (2012)

Buenas Noches y Braveheart

 Clan Hávamál collaborated in the shooting of the  TV show "Buenas Noches y Buenafuente" (2012)

Hólmgang in Sant Martí Sarroca

Duel in the honor of the assistants to the middleage dinner in Sant Martí Sarrroca  (2012)

Arguments in the slaves market

Quarrel in Sant Martí Sarroca middleage market (2012)

Middleage reenactment in Balaguer

Clan Hávamál was interviewed by a Catalan TV (TV3,2012)

Bagà Medieval

Images of the reenactment event in Bagà (2012)

End of the  "duel" in Tallat's monastery en el 

Jarl Angus of Clan Hávamál vs Roger of La Orden de la Espada (2011)

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