Internal Structure

Viking society was clearly hierarchical. Clan Hávamál reenacts the same social castes to let people get to know them in a closer way.  

The members of our group represent their specific caste not only with their attitude but also with their belongings like guns and clothing. 

The lowest caste was  "Thrall",  who were slaves. They served in farms and their masters also used them to make business (just as if they were coins). They made the most tiring and annoying tasks and their masters could decide if they lived or died. 

The slave caste had its own hierarchical system : a "free slave" who had a master who controlled him totally was a  "Frjal" and a slave who was totally free (second generation slaves) was a  "Leysingr".

 "Bóndi" could be considered as the middle class. They were free people who owned farms and lands, which were offered by a higher caste as long as they were loyal or offered their support to them.  Depending on their purchasing power, they could have between 2 and 30 thralls working for them, carry guns and attend to the Thing (legislative assembly). Most of them were sailors, craftmen and traders. The highest caste of this class were "Odalsbóndi", who inherited their belongings. If we compare viking hierarchy with a feudal system, they would be noble people.

El "Hersir" was a military major who was closely related to a commander or, Jarl or even a king. 

Their status was not inherited but they won it through a loyalty statement. Despite of this they dreamed of becoming landowners.  ​If we compare viking hierarchy with a feudal system, they would be barons.

Finally there is the  "Jarl", which could be compared to a "Count" o "Duke". Excepting the king, this is the highest position (which appeared in the end of viking age ) and is the only one that could own a  Hird ( a great armed entouraged). He was chosen by the people, and play the role of governor, which means that he had the support and controlled several areas, farms or territories, which provided him incoming and warriors. 

Those are the castes that Clan Hávamál team reenacts, and as you can imagine, each caste had its own behavior, objects and clothing. 


Here you can find all the members of our team:

Angus Tjüren Færigölasson

Angus Færigölasson, is the Jarl of Clan Hávamál and one of the three co-founders. Household Tjüren (the bull) due his strenght when fighting. 

Jarl Angus is one of the motors of the group, he is a distinguished man, a lord of siege and a richness donor. Despite his honourable, kind and smiling personality one should not forget that his heart is full of fire too.  

He is always in the forward line to fight, which desperate his bodyguards, who try to protect him so that he can keep on ruling. 

 Jarl Angus is a craftman who enjoys carving wood and leather. 

Marþa Skógsdóttir

Marþa Skógsdóttir, is the Húsfreyja of the Clan (the landlady) and also the wife of the  Jarl.


Húsfreyja Marþa is the heart of a society where the man is just an arm and women take care of traditions by breeding them into their children so that they can do the same with future generations. 

Marþa is the defender of the Clans honor: she reminds to men, he right to revenge in case of offence. 
Do not let her beauty make you believe that she is weak, she is a good conflict instigator among men. 

​Our Húsfreyja can speak several European languages and is the translator of the Clan. 

Marþin Berusaden Faerigölasson

Marþin Faerigölasson, is a Hersir of Clan Hávamál,  the Jarl's brother and one of the co-founders. He is also known as Berusaden (inebriated) due his drinking stories.​


It is easy to find Marþin Faerigölasson drinking from a horn full of mead or bier. His hangovers are legendary.  


He is the tax collector and the Jarl's money keeper. 


He can play mouth arp and is really interested in viking clothing. It is not unusual that he changes his clothes more than 2 or 3 times in a single day...  

Frank Pansaren Bärlångasson

Frank Bärlångasson, is a Hersir of Clan Hávamál and one of the co-founders. He is also known as Pansaren (the armoured) due his agressive look and his strength in battle.  


Frank Bärlångasson is also a great craftman of  Clan Hávamál (Smidr), specially when it comes to smith's tasks el seu ferrer. There is no doubt that Frank is the oracle of our group.  He acquired his wisdom through experience and because of that whenever anybody needs advice, they ask Frank for it. 

He is one of the trustworthy men of our Jarl and a major.

He is also known for his metal works and his wide grotesque vocabulary. 


Ivar Vildsvín Joseffsson

The Odalsbondi Ivar Joseffsson, is the Goði  or priest and law men of Clan Hávamál. Household Vildsvín (the wild boar) due his loud snoring. 

Ivar Joseffsson makes sure that the knowledge that gods provided to men are inherited from one generation to another.  

He officiates all the rites and ceremonies and also let other teaches and let participate all the members of the clan.


Due his character and performance Ivar Joseffsson is like the essence of a paternal figure for all the members of Clan Hávamál.


Ludvig Götlandzk


Ludvig Götlandzk is a Odalsbondi (rich landlord) of Clan Hávamál.

​Ludvig Götlandzf knows not only about ancient history but also about modern history.  

He rarely drinks alcohol although whenever he takes a sip of it, event Jötunheim and his giants tremble like tree leaves.  

All Catalan villages know his most famous quote whenever he takes a sip of alcohol: "yes... I will destroy you!!". 



Hroðbert Úlfsson

Hroðbert Úlfsson is a Bóndi and he is the official Merkismaðr (standard-bearer) of Clan, one of the most privileged and apreciated role in Scandinavian society. 

Hroðbert is a skilled musician :  he can play drums, blow the horn and dancing with the music. 


He has got a long and thick beard which he decorates with silver pieces.

His craftworks are a real prove of his talent, patience and tenacity: handmade tablet weaving (braided wool, which is knitted using wood tablets. Tablet weaving is used to decorate clothes with geometric designs).

Mäja Matheödóttir

Mäja Matheödottir is a Bóndi and one of the most beloved members of Hávamál. 

She takes care of all the administrative tasks of Clan Hávamál.

Mäja Matheödottir is known as Mama's Clan. Her objectivity, tenderness, care and loving attitude towards all the members of our clan, made us consider her like an adoptive mother. 

 ​Mäja is not only a loving person, but also an expert of Lucet (a technique which consists in braiding wool cords manually using a wooden fork). 

She is good as a hairdresser and because of that the most conceited members of our clan always ask her for a braid or a hairdo. 


Yulia Ænþonsðóttir

Yulia Olegova is a Bóndi of Clan Hávamál.

Yulia Olegova has fun when brave men dare to play with her to Hnefatafl (a Scandinavian board game). No matter how skilled is her adversary, she always wins. 

She is not only clever but also beautiful and because of that there are several men who approach to her, but... watch out! Even the most beautiful rose has its thorns!. 


Just like other members of the Clan, Yulia knows well about history and archaeology. 

She enjoys spending her free time talking and knitting next to her friend Mäja.

Aideen Ní Veigh

Aideen Ní Veigh is a Bóndi and also a lover of celtic traditions and faith.  

Aideen is Clan's Goði helper and also a priestess. 

She manages most of ceremonies and rituals that are performed in our Clan. 

She is also a great cooker.

Her specialities are roasted deer and wild boar, which are cooked using Viking age recipes.  

She is also a honorable warrior (always ready for anything) and an expert seamstress. ​ 

Frank Gonfauson

Frank Gonfauson is Aideen's loyal husband., Just like her, he belongs to  Bondi class.

​​Frank is a very thoughtful and discreet man who always bring wise advice to rascal Clan Hávamál men.

As the time has gone by he became in a kind of security man, who takes care that no one gets hurt during duels and war performances.


​Frank is a critical, good hearted, generous fisherman , who will always be there to give advide to his mates of Clan Hávamál. 

Georg Fjord Skald

Georg Skald, is the witty member of Clan Hávamál and also the last Bondi.

If you do not want to burst into laughing, plrase do not give him any alcohol or he will start with his funny jokes. 


Due his narrative skills and his kindness toward Clan members, Georg has become into the Skald (storyteller and poet) of Clan Hávamál. 

Georg is outgoing, ironical, jolly, insightful and an expert in combat techniques and strategy.  

Clan Hávamál members call him Fjord due his abillity to use this word almost in every context, specially in tight moments and also to call one of our combat techniques like that. 

Members Constituting

Admission of new members

Clan Hávamál's philosophy can be summed up in this Catalan saying: "en pot petit hi ha la bona confitura" (you can find the best in small things).

What do we mean with it? We preffer to be a small group of people who shares our ideas, who wants to perform quality reenactment with an easygoing personality, rather than a big group of people who do not share an aim nor get along with their companions

Thanks to the fact that the members of Clan Hávamál, we do not only consider our Clan companions as a colleagues but also as a friends. 

For us the concept "Clan" has almost the same meaning than family and because of that members of our clan takes care of each other. 

Get this environment is really hard to get and is crucial for us, and because of that at the moment we are not accepting new members in our association.  In fact, this has led to ties and interpersonal relationships within the group become beyond the concept of friendship.

internal Structure   -   Members Constituting   -   Admission of new members

Jürgen Ivanlosefsson

Jürgen IvanIosefsson is one of the newest members of Clan Hávamál. 

He is a Smáboendr.


Styrmadir (Ship captan) is his profession and just like his father, whenever he is not sailing, he breeds the best horses of Sweden.


He is a sea lover and enjoys the art of Scandinavian ship building. 

He likes to write skàldic poems during his free time, and just like other members of the clan, he reveres his ancestors. 


He is always there to help his Clan whenever they need him. 



Ottar Snorrisson

Household as Athelstan, he is a Thralls ( slave ) of Clan Hávamál .


He used to be a christian monk and a teacher in a country far away from here.

Jarl Angus took him to Scandinavia after a siege. 

He is a highbrow man, can write and read, speaks several languages and knows about astrology.

He is really kind and plays the peacemaker role. 

Due his social status, he does the toughest tasks of all.


Tosny Jobitsson

Tosny known as "Jobit" is one of the newest members of  our clan. He is a Leysingr of Clan Hávamál .


Tosny learns fast and reveres and respects his ancestors. 

He is considered a wise man by his colleagues and can do any handcraft that he wants, specially if this requires wood as a main material. 

He is a beginner smith and enjoys a good horn of mead. 


He has good a big heart and is always willing to help his friends to make any handcraft that they ask him for. 


Rännar Sotesson

Rännar , is a Leysingr, and also one of the new members of Clan Hávamál.

Skald as a profession, artist who knows very well his ancestors and runic stones. 

Despite he is a peaceful man, enjoys training with his sword. 

He has got the power of bringing to laugh whoever is around him, although he is not that good at telling jokes. 

Natural-born runner is able to travel long distances by foot no matter how long it takes. 

Lluc Tyr Son

Lluc is a Stórboendr, he is the Styrsman and spokesman of Clan Hávamál in the Jomsborg Spain Lag, and he is also his founder.


Calmed and persevering, he takes care of his look, but has no trouble helping with the hard or dirty work when needed.


His passion for the swords and war it's only comparated with his love for the woman's warmth, good meals and jewels, specially the silver ones. it's because of this that he earned the Sølv (Silver) nickname .


German, belongs to the Thrall (slave) social class and he takes care of injuries, the pain and the suffering of the wounded.  


Despite being a Thrall he has the knowledge to carry out the cures and healings, just like amputations, cauterizations, and in the worst-case scnenario, cleaning and arranging for deceased.


Known for his big hearth, niceness and for always being ready when he is needed or asked to.


He has a promising future as Thrall.

Andrea Bisbal (Stórsboendr)
Astrid Njaldsdotter (Stórsboendr)
Aleix Basuls (Thrall)
Sendo Espinalt (Thrall)